“The freethinker… will not bow to the authority of others, and he will not bow to his own desires, but he will submit to evidence.” 
– Bertrand Russell

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Aaron Sarin

11-minute read

The psychology of world citizenship

Why it might be entirely possible to build a global identity in the twenty-first century


Aaron Sarin

15-minute read

Facing down the culture police

How progressives are criminalising cultural appropriation and why this is a bad idea


Aaron Sarin

13-minute read

China’s ticking timebomb

Why the Communist Party’s persecution of Uyghur Muslims will lead to disaster

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Seceder, named after the First Secession in 18th century Scotland, is an opinion and conversational blog. Our aim is to provide honest discussion around issues that may have been twisted and hijacked, and provide new insight into tackling global issues affecting us all.

About Aaron

Aaron Sarin is a freelance writer living in Sheffield. His interests are political and existentialist philosophy, ancient and modern history, mythology and religion, and the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party. He also writes for Areo and is currently working on a book about global governance.